Pulse & Impulse Generators

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Very High Speed Pulse Generators

The Avtech high speed pulse generator line includes models with rise times as low as 40 ps! Instruments are available in a variety of formats, including DC-powered externally-triggered modules, simple AC-powered benchtop pulsers with knob and switch controls, as well as more sophisticated instruments with GPIB, RS-232 and (optional) Ethernet ports for computer control.

General Purpose Pulse Generators

These easy-to-use models offer wide operating ranges (PRF, PW, amplitude, etc). Manually-controlled (switches and dials) and modern computer-controllable models (with GPIB, RS-232, and optionally Ethernet) are available.

High Speed Impulse Generators

Over 30 models from 10 Volts / 130 ps to 920 Volts / 5 ns.