List 7 product

4-Neck Glass Cell (CS930)

Glass electrolytic cell, 4 necks
150ml, 250ml, 500ml,1000ml optional
include Luggin capillary and purging tubes
three-electrode systme
suitable for corrosion study

Flat Corrosion Cell (Single Deck) (CS936)

The CS936 Flat Cell (single deck) gives the user a simple, easy-to-use cell for electrochemical testing of any flat specimen larger than 1 cm2. The user can disassembles and reassembles quickly and easily.

H Cells (CS932)

Devnathan-Stachurski Cell(H cels)
volume is 250ml for each of the left/right cell
It is used in the Hydrogen Diffusion Test.

Small Glass Cell+Cap (CS928)

volume: about 10ml
Teflon cap to match the vessel
Diameter of the holes on the teflon cap:

Seal Electrolytic Cell (CS935)

Seal electrolytic cell,

 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 250ml optional;
(not include the electrodes)

Spectroelectrochemical Cell Kit

Quartz cuvette,
Taflon cap,
Pt mesh(WE),
Pt wire counter electrode(CE),
Ag/AgCl reference electrode(RE),
purging tube.
2 types, 8mm*6.5mm*1mm/ 8mm*6.5mm*0.5mm