List 6 product

Cell Stand for 4-Neck Glass Cell (CS940)

Base: Carbon Steel
This cell stand matches to CS930 4-neck glass cell
(not include the electrodes showing in the pic.)

Electrode Cable (Testing Cable)

Electrode cable, RE, CE, WE clamps,
connect to the potentiostat, and do testing, see as follows:

Electrode Clamp (CS945)

Electrode clamp, disassemble,

assemble and disassemble Pt plate, Pt mesh of different sizes.

Electrode Polishing Kit (CS942)

Alpha alumina powder:
0.05µm, 0.3µm, 1µm 10g for each
1 piece of Mastertex pad and a Microcloth polishing pad (Ø200mm);
Carbimet disks (4000#,Ø200mm);
2 pieces of glass plates

Cell Stand PTFE (CS941)

Base Material: PTFE
2 pieces of electrolytic cup(30ml) for free,
suitable for battery study
(not include electrodes)