List 6 product

CCD Spectrophotometer Spectra Nano Analyte NV16

Model: HO-SP-NV16 & HO-SP-NV16F

Wide wavelength range of 380nm to 700nm
Numerous supporting accessories

Double Beam Spectrophotometer

Model: UV2-1911D

Wide Photometric Range
High sensitivity & Excellent performance


Model: HO-SP-3480 & HO-SP-1911

High wave length resolution
Employs Czerny – Turner monochromator

Theta 2 Theta Advanced Spectrophotometer

SPA216 Series

Optical Characterization
Precise measurement of spectral parameters

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Model: VIS-300

User-friendly graphical interface
Compact single beam optics with full range scanning