Tabletop Supports

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Active Vibration Isolation System

HOLMARC’S Active Vibration Isolation optical table supports contain an isolation system that effectively isolates the optical table from vertical and horizontal vibrations throughout the critical 3 to 50 Hz frequency range, since most common large-amplitude sources of vibrations found in laboratories vibrate within this range of frequencies. If the source of compressed air is removed, the Optical Tabletop will lower until it securely rests on the supports and the table will no longer be isolated from floor vibrations.

Our AVI Series active optical table supports can be used to significantly reduce the vibrations transmitted to an optical table setup in a noisy environment.

Desktop Vibration Isolation Support

Holmarc’s desktop vibration isolation supports are designed to use with breadboards and small optical tables. They provide portability and localized air suspension for small-scale experiments and vibration sensitive instrumentation. This system utilizes air isolation method for vibration isolation. These are time and space saving isolators which are ideal to use with microscopes and other optical systems. Four independent air cushion legs along with an oil free air compressor are required for a setup. The system gets ready for use by just placing breadboards / tabletops on to these supports. DVIS Supports a wide range of breadboards and optical table sizes. Though normally supplied as a set of four, extra mounts can be used to increase load capacity.

Passive Vibration Isolation System

Independent Legs

Passive air isolators are employed in this series of table supports for isolating the tabletop from vertical and horizontal disturbances. The system has vertical and horizontal natural frequencies of 4 – 8 Hz and effectively isolates vibrations in the critical range of 10- 50 Hz. Here the legs operate independently. The isolators which are fixed to four vertical members of the support system are individually filled with air by a portable pump to a pressure of 25 PSI. Once pressurized, the procedure need not be repeated for a long period. The system is cost effective, maintenance free and easy to operate.

Rigid Tabletop Support

Rigid table top support system has four vertical members made from rectangular steel tubes and eight horizontal members made from 50 mm x 50 mm steel tubes. These members can be joined by nuts & bolts at the lab site. The honeycomb surface rest on four heavy-duty bolts on the top of the support system, which can also be adjusted for leveling. The adjustment range is +/- 5 mm. The support system is given moon light finish by epoxy paint.