Filter Mounts

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Motorized Filter Wheel with Controller

Accurate selection of filters
Fast & flexible light filtering

Rectangular Filter Holder – RFH Series

RFH Series

Nylon tipped set screw to hold optics
Post mountable with M6 tap holes

Diffuser Plate with Rotator

DC Motor is used as actuator
Compatible with Circular glass diffusers

Filter Wheel

Can hold upto 12 filters
Single & dual filter holders

Filter Cell Holder – FCH Series

Upto 5 filters can be placed
M6 tap holes for post mounting

Filter Cells

Can hold 3mm thick filters
Cell diameter upto 54 mm are available

Quick Change Multiple Filter Holder

Can hold 6 filters with different thickness
Semicircle shape for the ease of inserting filters

Stackable Filter Wheel

4° filter inclination
Upto 5 filter wheels in a single mount

Square Filter Holder – SFH Series

Leaf springs to hold filters
Holds square & rectangular filters

Plate Holder- C Shaped

Easy mounting
Suitable for plates of thickness from 5 to 22 mm

Plate Holder / Glass Slide Holders

Plate thickness upto 8mm
Locking knobs to hold plates tightly