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Five Axis Lens Mount for 25 mm and 50 mm Optics

Allows 25mm Travel in XYZ directions
Fine tilting beam axis arrangement

5 Axis Objective Mounts

5AMOH Series

Frictionless positioning of lenses
Have linear movements & tilt adjustments in 2 planes

Bar Type Adjustable Lens Mount

Cylindrical lenses can be held
4 mm pitch lead screw drive

Five Axis Lens Mount for Large Optics

Provides linear & tilt adjustments
Compatible with optics from 20 to 104 mm diameters

Circular Adjustable Lens Mount

Nylon tips with angular grooves
Easy insertion and removal of optics

Self Centering Lens Mounts

Micrometer Driven knob
Compatible with optics from 20 to 104 mm diameters

Kinematic Cylindrical Lens Mounts

Translation range upto 6mm
Both vertical & horizontal mounting orientation

Focus Adjustable Lens Mounts

Have threaded bore to hold lens
Compatible to different mounts

Rigid Camera Lens Mounts

C-mounts, RMS & Special mounts
Split Clamp Mounting

Rigid Lens Mounts

RLM Series

Optics size ranges from 0.375” to 4”
Suitable for lens tubes, objective lens, condenser lens etc.

Rigid Objective Lens Mounts

Includes RMS or C threads
Suitable for Microscope objectives

Cylindrical Lens Mounts

CLM Series

Perfect for rectangular or square cylindrical lenses
M6 mounting holes

V Type Adjustable Lens Mount

Holds lenses upto 100 mm diameter
M6 set screws for perfect fitting

XYZ Lens Mounts

Focus adjustable upto 10 mm
1” to 2” lenses can be mounted

XYZ Objective Mounts

Fine XYZ axis Adjustable
Suitable for microscope objective & pinhole cells

YZ Lens Mounts/Objective Lens Mounts

Spring loaded lead screws
Can mount lenses with different diameters