Dip Coating Systems

List 6 product

Angle Dependent Dip Coating System – for 4 Beaker

Model: HO-TH-ADDC1

Dipping angle ranges from 0 to 45˚
Provision for 4 beakers of 50ml each

Multiple Dip Coating System – for 6 Beaker

Model: HO-TH-02MD

Molybdenum substrate holder that is resistant to 1200˚C
Furnace & solution can be positioned in a circle about a rotating arm

Dip Coating System – for Single Beaker

Model: HO-TH-01

Silent & smooth operation
20 x 4 line LED display with 5 programs memory

Dip Coating System with Hot Chamber – for Single Beaker

Model: HO-TH-02

Temperature range is Ambient to 75°C
6 steps variable speed control in PC mode

Dip Coating System with Infrared Dryer – for Single Beaker

Model: HO-TH-02B

PID digital temperature controller up to 200°C
4 steps variable speed control in PC mode