Stationary / Benchtop Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES)

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Spectrometers – at the zenith of sensitivity

The Metavision-10008X spectrometers have been designed specifically for those that require the highest level of accuracy and precision at extremely low limits of detection. Capable of analysing just about every element possible and with single and sub-ppm limits of detection for each, these spectrometers are ideal for the widest range of users. Designed to meet the most exacting analytical needs of users that wish no compromise on any aspect, the Metavision-10008X optimizes the analysis of each element for every application to meet the most stringent standards.


Laboratory Powerhouse

“Research in the field of spectrometry has continually been focused on ever-lower detection limits and faster analysis time coupled with high precision and accuracy. At Metal Power, our R&D team focuses on these, while not losing sight of the need to deliver economic value across the product lifecycle. The Metavision-1008i, exemplifies all these endeavours, offering rapid and highly precise and accurate analysis of an extremely wide range elements at very low levels of in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, while also offering exceptional economical value.”


When excellence is not good enough

The Metavision-1008i3 has been designed to deliver high-performance at low detection limits while not compromising on economy. Capable of analysing 55+ elements, including C, N, O, Li, Na, S, P and several more, with low to single ppm limits of detection for most and even sub-ppm levels for several, this spectrometer is ideal for a wide range of quality-conscious users. Being CMOS/CCD-based, there is never any need for hardware upgrades, even if new elements, bases or matrices are to be added post-purchase, with additions being simple and possible to do even at-site.


Rugged and versatile thoroughbred

The Metavision NN+ spectrometer is designed to deliver industry-leading performance across the widest range of industries, applications and environments. The CCD based NN+ spectrometer is compact and consumes less energy and argon, making it extremely economical to procure, operate and maintain. The truly innovative design delivers rapid, precise, accurate and certifiable elemental analysis in weight percentages and stands the test of time. Many of our customers use the NN+ round-the-clock with a few of them doing more than 1,000 burns in a shift. In fact, the more you run this machine, the better it functions! Routine maintenance requirements are minimal and the instrument is designed to be operable by laymen after basic training delivered at the time of installation. Factory calibrations are provided for 31+ elements (including Nitrogen in steels) across multiple bases including Fe, Cu, Al, Zn, Ni, Pb, Sn, Mg, Co, Ti etc. More bases can be added at any point in time, at factory or on-site, to meet specific application needs.


Compact and affordable “MOSS – The world’s most compact and economical OES in the world. Ever!” …