Special Probe Stations

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Cryogenic Probe Stations with Closed Cycle Refrigerator

The Cryogenic Probe Station Model CPS-XXX-CF enables cost effective, stable, reliable and convenient low temperature semiconductor testing and even cryogenic wafer-scale testing of devices and circuits. Built-in vibration isolation, smart thermal management and engineered thermal expansion compensation makes this cryogenic probe station system ideally suited for a wide range of applications spanning from nanoelectronics (graphene research, molecular electronics, quantum computing, etc.) to space based electronics. The cryogenic probe station system uses closed-cycle refrigerator and proprietary thermal management, permitting inexpensive and fast operation. MicroXact’s cryogenic probe stations have built-in vibration isolation, minimizing the vibrations to industry-standard levels. Ultra-stable micro-manipulated stages permit accurate and reproducible contact of the probe tip on device features. Wide selection of probes and wafer chucks permits applications ranging from ultraprecise, fA-scale measurements, RF measurements and many more. A range of probe manipulators and probe tips are available for use with MicroXact’s cryogenic probe stations.

Cryomagnetic Probe Stations

MicroXact’s cryomagnetic probe stations are available with electromagnets, superconducting magnets or a combination of electromagnet and superconducting magnets. Such systems are used for cryogenic spintronic testing, spin torque oscillator testing, Hall effect, quantum Hall effect testing and many more.

Magnetic Probe Station

The MPS-C-300 and MPS-C-350 magnetic probe systems are the world’s first probe stations capable of providing three-dimensional magnetic field control around a device under test.

MicroXact’s truly unique patent-pending design enables wafer-level testing of spintronic devices, nanoscale electronics and many other materials and devices where magnetic fields are required for accurate test and measurement. Spin-current and spin torque oscillator testing, magnetic simulation and identification of anisotropy of complex multilayer structures are just few examples applications of our MPS systems.

Customized Wafer Probe Station

MicroXact has a history of working with customers to develop application-specific and highly customized probing solutions to meet ever-evolving needs, including extended temperature ranges and custom optics integration. We are dedicated to finding solutions that help lower your cost of test. Examples of such solutions are provided below:

Semi-Auto Closed Cycle Cryogenic Probe Station

The Models CPS-XXX-CF-PLUS enables fast and cost-effective testing of wafers and devices at cryogenic temperatures down to 9K (single CCR system), 4.5K (dual CCR system) or even below 4K (triple CCR system).

We offer systems for testing 100mm, 150mm, 200mm or 300mm wafers with optional load lock capabilities. The systems can be configured with individual probe arms (optionally with wedge probes) or with probe card holders. High density probing with >100 of DC probes is possible. Such systems are ideal for emerging field of quantum computing as well as established fields of superconducting electronics.

Semi-Automated Vacuum Probe Systems

The SPS-2600-VAC and SPS-2800-VAC Series are MicroXact’s vacuum probe systems designed to support motorized or semi-automatic probing of up to 100mm or up to 200mm wafers in a vacuum or controlled gas atmosphere. This vacuum testing solution is systematic and precise, cost-efficient, low noise and convenient-to-use. These vacuum probe systems are built on a vibration-compensated, versatile platform capable of being configured to handle a wide range of probing applications. Ideal for icing-free testing down to 77K or for high temperature testing of devices and components that are prone to oxidation, MicroXact’s vacuum probe systems offer controlled environment wafer-level probing.

High Temperature Probe Station

The Models CPS-HT are MicroXact’s high temperature probe systems for testing and characterization of devices at highest temperatures on the market either in vacuum or in controlled gas environment. We offer manual wafer probers for testing up to 2” x 2” (50mm x 50mm) samples, and motorized or semi-automated systems for testing 100mm or larger wafers. These systems are capable of testing the samples up to 700oC in vacuum or 650oC at atmospheric pressure.