100 kW Diode Source

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High Efficiency High Power Diode Laser Source

The new diode source integrates high reliable 500W bars. The hermetical package is design to separate the liquid circuit and the active diodes. No liquid can be in touch with the diode avoiding major damage in case of water leakage.  Electrical connectors as well as liquid connectors are attached in the back panel side. The diode emits from the front panel side through a IR-AR coated glass window. N² pressurization is requested to maintain low HR.

  • Up to 120 kW in one line @ 940 & 980 nm
  • Up to 250 kW @ 880 nm
  • Up to 1 MW in 8 lines matric array
  • 880, 940 and 980 nm available
  • Driver available in a separate rack or integrated to the source for 100 kW version
  • Operating with non DI water from +10°C to +40°C
  • Bar pitch 400, 800 or 1.2 mm upon energy per pulse
  • Lifetime warranties from 1 to 10 Gshots upon energy per pulse