Tunable Laser Systems

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Q-scan (200 nm-4.5 µm)

NEW : The Q-scan is a high resolution nanosecond dye laser ranging from 200 nm to 4.5 µm. Ultra-high precision mechanics ensure extreme wavelength accuracy and makes this laser ideal for combustion and high resolution spectroscopy applications. The Q-scan’s exceptional linearity (< 2 pm) ensures highest wavelength accuracy during scan. Quick change, “Plug & Play” dye cells and integrated look-up tables for non linear crystals means that wide wavelength scans are quick and easy. Combined with the Q-smart Nd:YAG pump laser, the Q-scan offers unprecedented ease of use in the smallest package on the market.

  • Extreme wavelength accuracy and reproducibility
  • High efficiency- Excellent beam quality
  • Quick dye change with plug and play dye cells
  • Easy scan with integrated look-up tables for NLOs
  • Integrated beam deviation compensator
  • Fully integrated system with Nd:YAG pump lasers

Rainbow (420 nm-1700 nm)

The Rainbow OPO is the ideal complement to the Q-smart family of lasers for customers who require broadband tunability. It is integrated into a plug and play module that fits directly onto the harmonic generators of the pump laser. Tunability range extends from 420 nm to 1700 nm and the system can be computer controlled.

  • High optical efficiency
  • Patented ring OPO cavity
  • Large wavelength range 420 nm – 1700 nm
  • Signal and Idler separated by design
  • Compact and stable design
  • Easy to use, turn-key system