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DROPimage Advanced

DROPimage Advanced measures contact angle, surface energy, surface and interfacial tension, advancing and receding contact angle, surface dilatational elasticity and viscosity and is particularly well-suited for time-dependent and dynamic studies.

DROPimage CA

DROPimage CA is our entry-level software solution. This program ships standard with our Model 190 CA Goniometer and can be later upgraded to DROPimage Standard or Advanced if your requirements become more demanding. The two primary tools in DROPimage CA are the Contact Angle Tool and the Calibration Command as outlined below. Additional menus are available for: options, saving and opening images, data export, video setup, zooming, and baseline setup. DROPimage CA uses the same algorithms, video control, and methodology employed in the more advanced versions of DROPimage, but lacks the surface energy and surface tension tools.

DROPimage Standard

DROPimage Standard ships with the Standard Goniometer (Model 200) and the Contact Angle Goniometer with Wafer Support (Model 400). It is also available as an upgrade for users of DROPimage CA. DROPimage Standard is well suited for contact angle and surface energy studies.

Below is a link to a playlist of videos that illustrates how easy it is to calibrate the instrument and take contact angle measurements using DROPimage Standard.