Laser Marking Systems

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Fiber Laser Series

iNTEGRA Fiber Laser Series

The iNTEGRA Fiber Laser Series is the most powerful lineup that RMI Laser offers. With power levels ranging from 20-100 watts it can provide solutions from annealing to precision cutting of thin metals. Having all of the same benefits as the previous generation of lasers but with improved communications to help bridge the gap for easy integration and automation. Designed with an on-board computing architecture, the iNTEGRA Fiber Laser can communicate over Ethernet, directly with PLC’S, HTTP, and is able to work with the protocol of your choice without the need for standalone software. It can even be operated or monitored over your phone or tablet devices.

Customizable options include beam shaping, galvo mirros, or the entire scan head can be switched out based on your applications. Controlling the iNTEGRA has now become even easier and more accurate compared to previous fiber lasers with increased speeds up to 30% faster.

With the increasing cost of automation and integration having the ability to quickly implement a laser into your system is incredibly important along with being able to quickly diagnose the problem. To decrease any downtime, RMI Laser’s customer service team can do so remotely or you can configure the laser to send a report anytime an issue is detected.

Micro Laser Series

The Micro Laser Series includes the UM-2, a full-featured, high performance, mini-laser marking machine/ engraving machine that produces high quality laser engraving at a low investment cost. This system is ideal for small scale production environments but it can be used in higher volume applications depending on the marking type and the substrate. It is the world’s most compact direct metal marking laser and its performance is totally unmatched in the industry today.

The Micro Laser is a truly versatile laser in an economical and ultra-compact package. It is able to mark multiple substrates while being compact enough to carry-on to a plane. This laser has been field tested and proven to generate you money.

This UM-2 mini laser gives us an advantage over our competition, let it do the same for you.

 Available in 1 watt configuration, the UM-2 also has a complete 2 year warranty. It is the world’s most compact direct metal marking laser and its performance is totally unmatched in the industry today.

Green Laser Series

RMI Laser’s Green Laser Marker Series is designed to mark highly reflective materials or highly sensitive substrates like silicon wafers with ease and precision. They operate in the visible light spectrum at 532 nm (Green).

The green laser marker is perfect for softer plastics, PCB Boards, IC Chips and for scribing or marking of Solar Cells of various material compositions. RMI Laser was one of the pioneers of green laser marker technology, and we’ve used that experience to develop a green laser that meets the special needs of semiconductor and solar marking applications.

The inherent advantages of the 532 nm wavelength are greater absorption across a wider range of materials, along with mitigated thermal energy allowing it to mark substrates that 1064 nm Near-IR lasers simply cannot. Along with these advantages, the Green Laser Series has very tight spot sizes with the smallest being around 10 um.

The Green Laser Series is available in 5 watts with an industry leading complete 3 year warranty.

YV04 Laser Series

YVO4 Laser Series

Our DPSS (Diode-pumped solid state) Lasers utilize Nd:YV04 technologies, creating many advantages over other lasers. They can produce a precise mark without using large, external power supplies, which is energy-efficient. YV04 lasers can achieve a smaller spot size and higher energy density,  which is ideal for reflective surfaces. RMI Laser’s YV04 Laser Series comes with the world’s most compact marking head for easy integration into a variety of process flows and configurations, and an industry leading 3-year warranty and loaner program.

They are by far our most versatile laser marker machines because they can anneal metals, ablate coated metals, and color change or foam plastics all with a single laser system. If versatility is what you need, then this is the laser system for you.

The YV04 Laser Series Systems have a very short pulse duration, making them ideal for sensitive marking applications where direct part marking can cause surface degradation. Users can mark directly onto the parts without concern for surface damage, HAZ (heat-affected zones), structural degradation, recasting or stress risers.

The newest systems in the RMI Laser YV04 Laser Series are the A-10 and A-20. Expanding upon the technology and components from the current U-Series, the A-10 and A-20 have added application capabilities. The beam is specifically tuned to uniformly distribute energy making it optimal for annealing and ablating. This laser is strong enough to create dark marks on metals and is sensitive enough to get a color change on plastics without any foaming. The new laser systems have higher power and more stability than its predecessors along with having unmatched marking quality.