Compact Spectrometers

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S150-2 Spectrometer



The S150-2 spectrometer is designed for spectral analysis of electromagnetic radiation, for precise wavelength measurements of lasers(including diode and tunable ones) used in spectral instruments and lidars. The S150-2 is the best in its class of instruments, and it delivers the accuracy and reproducibility when measuring wavelengths, shapes and widths of spectral lines. The S150-2 achieves both high spectral resolution (less than 9pm) and wavelength accuracy of 1 pm. That is all that provides almost 100% reproducibility of the measurement results.

SL40-2 Spectrometer



Spectrometers of SL40-2 series are small-size two-channel spectrum analyzers. SL40-2 comprises two independent spectral channels of spectrograph, which are arranged in one housing, and an embedded linear detector. Each of the spectrographs is designed on the original optical schematic with aspheric mirrors and achromatic objective lenses. The spectrographs have a focal length of 40mm and aperture ratio 1/4.9. Diffraction gratings with different numbers of lines can be used in any of the two channels to allow adjustment both of the spectral range to be detected and the obtained spectral resolution.