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DM160 Monochromator

The DM 160 is a high throughput double monochromator with dispersion subtraction, with F/number 3.5 and focal length 160 mm.

DM160 Monochromator is a completely automated device using the on-board CPU to control the gratings, choose the necessary light filter and control the integral shutter. The device is controlled by means of the specially developed software, on-board CPU uses RS 232 – interface for connection with the computer.

Due to the use of only four optical elements and the intermediate slit, the DM160 possess an extremely low stray light and high spectral resolution.

DM160 Monochromator is designed on the linear scheme, input and output ports are arranged in one line and in one height. The entrance and exit slits mounted in the input and output ports respectively, as well as the intermediate slit are adjusted manually. There are four fixed slit widths corresponding to four values of the spectral interval (for the central wavelength 1100 nm). You should move the switcher vertically to set the necessary spectral interval.

MZDD350i Double Monochromator

The main limitation in research of weak spectral signals is a level of stray light. Stray light is mostly caused by quality of optical elements: mirrors and gratings. Besides, the stray light appears in the result of reflection of a spectrum from an entrance slit, a detector and from other structural units. The stray light can be minimized by using light absorbing partitions, by inclined installation of detectors, and by using holographic gratings.