Alpha Spectrometer α1


The ALPHA-SPECTROMETER is easy to use because of LCD display, intuitive interface and 3 control buttons on the front panel. LCD displays:
Button functions menu (main menu)

  • HV measurement and detector current menu
  • HV setting and control menu
  • Pressure measurement in chamber and threshold setting menu
  • Vacuum valve control menu
  • Count rate Indication and binding threshold setting menu
  • Discrimination threshold for lower levels setting menu
  • Generator control menu
  • Operation mode menu

Menu of the section readiness for the measurements adjust settings of High Voltage, discriminator and pulse generator will be saved in memory even after switching off the device.
Integrated High Voltage power supply supports fine HV adjusting within 0 to +150 V DC. In order to avoid premature HV rise on the detector while pressure is inappropriate ALPHA-SPECTROMETER contains internal inhibit.
The ALPHA-SPECTROMETER’s capacity for analog and digital output enables use with analog electronics and as a standalone device when applied to external PC with software.



Alpha Spectrometer α1 is intended to amplify and analogue filter the electric pulses coming from alpha radiation detectors. α1 is a functionally complete device integrated in a double-wide NIM module that consists of the following: vacuum chamber from stainless steel, power supply, preamplifier, pulse generator, discriminator, counter and LCD display. The vacuum chamber accepts most types of detectors, including Ion Implanted Silicon Alpha Particle Detectors with high resolution and up to 1200 mm2square. The sample holder inside of the vacuum chamber allows for adjusting the distance between the sample and the detector from 4 to 48 mm in 4 mm steps.


  • Double-wide NIM (Nuclear Insturment module)
  • LCD status display
  • Device management with control buttons on the front panel or from external PC software
  • Vacuum gauge with pressure display on the indicator
  • Detector current meter from 1 nA to 10 µA
  • High voltage (HV) inhibit in case of vacuum breaking
  • Reverse bias on the sample holder
  • Integrated multichannel analyzer
  • Calibration pulser
  • Vacuum chamber from stainless steel
  • Fits up to 50 mm (2 inches) diameter samples
  • Possibility to use alpha detectors up to 1200 mm2
  • Adjustable sample-detector distance from 4 to 48 mm (with 4 mm step)
  • Analog and digital output


Parameter Value
Registration energy range, keV up to 10000
Shaping time constants, ms 1
Integral nonlinearity, % < 0.04
Maximum value of High Voltage, V +150
Operation temperature range, °С +5…+35
Temperature instability, %/°С < 0.01
Time of continuous operation, hour > 24
Overall dimensions, mm 300x221x68
Weight, kg 2.8
Consumed power, W < 10
Supply voltage, V +/-12; +/-24
Guaranteed energy resolution for 450 mm2 square open detector, keV 20