ALPHAGUARD Radon Monitor

The reference instrument in radon monitoring
The new generation of AlphaGUARD offers high detection efficiency in radon monitoring, a wide measurement range (2 – 2 000 000 Bq/m³), fast response and permanent, maintenance-free operation with long-term stable calibration.
In addition to the radon concentration, AlphaGUARD simultaneously measures and records ambiant temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure with embedded sensors. Optimal ergonomics, high responsiveness and a large digital display make AlphaGUARD a reference device to perform measurement and analysis everywhere from a lab to the field.



  • Research & Specific applications, calibration labs
  • Nuclear & NORM industries (mining, nuclear waste, oil & gas industry…).
  • Monitoring Radon in homes & workplaces

Soil Measurement: Emanations from the underground are measured with the gas soil probe.

Water Measurement: Radon gas in water is controlled with AquaKIT

Radon Progenies: Radon progeny concentration is measured with AlphaPM

Air Measurement: Thoron gas discrimination and measurement mode available

Technical Features
Type Of Detector: Ionization chamber
Measurement Principle: 3D Alpha spectroscopy and current mode
Measurement Modes*: Diffusion, flow or sampling
Measuring Range*: From 2 to 2.000.000 Bq/m³ (from 0.027 pCi/l to 54 nCi/l)
Additional Sensors: T, P, H, Reloc, QA, ext. sensors
Display: Graphic display, backlight
Autonomy: > 10 days (diffusion mode)
Dimensions: 360 x 335 x 123 mm
Weight:  < 7 kg

* According to the product version