Automated Dispensing System

The ramé-hart Automated Dispensing System (p/n 100-22) is a software-driven tool and control pump for creating single drops or dynamic drops such as required by advancing and receding and other dynamic studies. This hydraulic system uses disposable tips for multiple liquid studies and quick changes from one liquid to another. The system includes software, serial cable, stage adapters, one 250uL syringe (other sizes optionally available), and a set of disposable tips. The control software is embedded in both versions of the DROPimage software (Standard and Advanced) and is also available (stand alone) when used with non-ramé-hart products.



A wide variety of adapters, tips and needles are available for use with the ramé-hart Automated Dispensing System. For a complete list of needles, see\pdf\needles.pdf

Model 200 and up, or any system that has been upgraded to DROPimage Standard or DROPimage Advanced, supports the Automated Dispensing System. Models 290590 and 790 include the Automated Dispensing System as part of the system.

The Automated Dispensing System is also used in conjunction with theOscillator in order to facilitate the measurement of surface dilatational elasticity, viscosity, and dynamic surface tension.