BTS4000 Series

The very adaptable and most popular battery cyclers/analyzers/testers in the whole battery world.



Neware BTS4000 5V series battery tester ranges from 1mA up to 3000A, you can use it to test coin cells, pouch cells, cylinder(18650, 26650, 27710, etc) and even paralleled battery modules and packs. For all the BTS4000 testers lower or equal to 30W(5V6A or 10V3A), the accuracy is 0.05%FS. And for all the BTS4000 testers higher than 30W, the accuracy is 0.1%FS.

  • BTS4000-5v1mA
  • BTS4000-5V5mA
  • BTS4000-5V10mA(dual range)
  • BTS4000-5V50mA(dual range)
  • BTS4000-5V100mA
  • BTS4000-5V500mA
  • BTS4000-5V1A
  • BTS4000-5V6A(dual range)
  • BTS4000-5V12A(dual range)
  • BTS4000-5V20A
  • BTS4000-5V100A
  • BTS4000-5V1000A


BTS4000 10V-50V battery testers for battery modules and packs. Almost all the models can be customized with multi output ranges, if you need that, please tell your sales representative.

  • BTS4000-10v100mA(0.05%FS)
  • BTS4000-10V3A(0.05%FS)
  • BTS4000-10V10A
  • BTS4000-10V50A
  • BTS4000-15V3A
  • BTS4000-20V20A(8 channels)
  • BTS4000-20V200A(2 channels)
  • BTS4000-30V30A
  • BTS4000-30V100A
  • BTS4000-50V10A
  • BTS4000-50V60A(2 channels)
  • BTS4000-50V100A(1 channel)


60V-150V battery testers for testing battery packs.
In fact, if you need 100V/200V BTS4000 such as 100V10A/20A/30A/50 or 200V/10A/20A etc., we can also customize them for you. But for testers higher than 100V100A, IGBT series would be a better choice.

  • BTS4000-60v10A(8 channels)
  • BTS4000-60V50A(2 channels)
  • BTS4000-60V100A(1 channel)
  • BTS4000-60V100A(2 channels)
  • BTS4000-60V200A(1 channel)
  • BTS4000-100V10A(4 channels)
  • BTS4000-100V30A(2 channels)
  • BTS4000-100V60A(1 channel)
  • BTS4000-120V50A(2 channels)
  • BTS4000-150V50A(1 channel)


By adopting back-to-grid technology, Neware BTS4000 ES series testers can return the discharged battery energy back to the power grid. Thus, the ES series Neware battery testers have following advantages comparing with traditional testers: smaller dimension, very limited heat emission, energy saving, etc.

  • BTS4000-5V10A-80CH-ES
  • BTS4000-5V10A-200CH-ES
  • BTS4000-5V20A-48CH-ES
  • BTS4000-5V20A-64CH-ES
  • BTS4000-5V20A-96CH-ES
  • BTS4000-5V30A-96CH-ES
  • BTS4000-5V40A-48CH-ES
  • BTS4000-5V60A-32CH-ES
  • BTS4000-5V60A-48CH-ES
  • BTS4000-5V60A-96CH-ES


Neware BTS4000 special series for: EDLC(super capacitors), Power banks, etc.

Neware BTS4000 for testing power banks: BTS4000-6V4A-CCDC, charge and discharge ports are separately designed. Each channel can output(discharge) 1.5A+2.5A power banks.

Neware BTS4000 for testing super capacitors. Usually customers need to discharge super capacitors to 0V or near 0V. Of course, special clamps for holding super capacitors can also be customized.