CST800E Multi Channel Portable Electrochemical Corrosion Meter

CST800EMulti-channel Portable Fast Electrochemical Corrosion Meter is a simple operation instrument that integrates the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measuring principle and is portable designed for fast measurement.


CST800E multi-channel portable electrochemical corrosion Meter integrates the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Portability, easy operation, fast measurements and results’ direct display features it. EIS method is employed to measure the solution resistance (Rs), the polarization resistance (Rp) and further to obtain the accurate corrosion rate. It is especially suitable for corrosion environment where the Rs value is high(eg. waste water containing oil, soil, or concrete).
CST800E can achieve auto timing measurements with the built-in timer. It can be powered by both AC and DC(built-in rechargeable batteries). Battery power supply at full stage can support continuous measurements for 60 hours.
CST800E can not only be controlled manually by keyboard, but also be controlled remotely for auto timing measurements. A 16M bytes flash memory to store up to 500,000 groups of data. Data can be saved even after the power is off in the wild. The measured data can also be sent to the PC with the USB cable. Under the control of EIS Tools software, it is convenient to analyze, save the data, and display the polarization resistance, solution resistance, and corrosion rate~time curve on the PC screen. The software can also help the user to forecast the development of corrosion based on corrosion rate.
The instrument could not only be controlled by panel keyboard, but also be controlled by EIS Tools software via serial communication port. Therefore, remote control and data read is achieveable.

1. in-situ corrosion rate measurements and corrosion inhibitor evaluation and screening in petroleum& chemical industry, building & bridge construction site.
2. Metal corrosion rate measurements in high-resistance system such as waste water containing oil, soil, concrete.

EIS Tools software can be used to download and analyze corrosion data stored in CST800E corrosion meter. It has a good compatibility with windows XP/win7/win8/win10. The main functions include: data files management, graphical display of polarization resistance, solution resistance, open circuit potential and corrosion rate curves. All graphics can be cut and pasted into Word document. It can output data file with ASCII format for further data processing.
EIS Tools software can fully control CST800E device, set up parameters and start the measurement. By USB interface, the user can use a laptop or a desktop to control.



Probe channels:4
Input impedance:1011Ω
Potential range: ±2.5V
Potential resolution: 0.1mV
Rs range: 10Ω~500KΩ
Rp range: 5Ω~10MΩ
Corrosion rate: 0.1μm ~10mm/a
Absolute Measurement Accuracy: <±1%
Sine wave amplitude: 1mV~100mV
Sine wave frequency: 10KHz~0.001Hz
Timing interval: 1~255h
Data storage: 10,000
Clock error: ±1min/month
Power: AC 220V/ DC 1.5V(4 AA cell)
Dimensions: 260×165×200mm,weight: 3.5Kg
Temperature: -10~ 50℃, relative humidity: ≤ 80%, away from corrosive gas
Shipment list
1. CST800E Corrosion Meter x 1
2. Probe x 1
3. EISTools software x 1
4. Grinding tool x 1
5. Dummy cell x 1
6. Power cable/USB cable/ electrode cable/probe connection cable 1 for each