DPSS Laser Mount

M6 & M4 tapped holes for mounting
Kinematic Platform for tilt & linear Adjustments



These mounts are manufactured with mounting holes suitable for DPSS lasers. Three lead screws supported by the kinematic design of the mount enables tilt as well as linear adjustments. The base of the mount has holes suitable for breadboard mounting.



        Tilting range +/- 2 degrees
        Driven by 80 tpi leadscrews
        20 arc sec. sensitivity
        Aluminium alloy
        Black anodized finish
        Breadboard mountable


Documents / Drawings

Model No Platform Size Tilting Range
HOM-DPSS-G-15090 150 x 90 mm +/- 2 degree
HOM-DPSS-19090 190 x 90 mm +/- 2 degree