Advanced Implant Metrology System

The FCV-3000 Advanced Implant Metrology System makes rapid measurement of electrical parameters associated with dielectrics including gate oxides and most near-surface implants including source/drain.  The system has excellent sensitivity over a wide range of implant dose.

The system contains a class 1 mini-environment and meets applicable SEMI and CE standards.

FCV Systems use a small elastic probe to form a temporary gate on the dielectric surface. An integrated pattern recognition system locates scribe line test areas.
The elastic probe has a diameter of less than 30 µm for dielectric characterization, and more than 200 µm for surface resistivity measurements, and does not damage the dielectric surface.
Beside the elastic probe, a hard metal probe for 1-pin measurements and a hard metal probe pair for 2-pin measurements are also available which gives a more precise positioning.


Features and System specifications:

  • No mercury contact.  Non-damaging and non-contaminating probe permits wafer reuse.
  • Easy to learn and use SAM User Interface running under Windows 7.
  • Easy transfer of data over fab networks with common networking software.
  • Easy storage, management, and use of over 200 measurement recipes for process-specific needs.
  • Loading from a dual load port in FCV-3000.
  • Measurements down to 1 mm edge exclusion.
  • Integrated desorber, programmable pretreatment to stabilize wafer surfaces.
  • Automated wafer handling for 200 and 300 mm wafers
  • OHT

Each system is then configured to the user’s requirements by adding measurement capabilities and automation capabilities described below.

Measurement Capabilities:

  • C-V measurement
  • I-V measurement
  • Ramped Current Stress Test (RCST)
  • Constant Current Stress Test (CCST)
  • Ramped Voltage Stress Test (RVST)
  • Constant Voltage Stress Test (CVST)
  • Offline Carrier Profiling

Probe movement, wafer motion, cassette loading/uploading, and wafer pretreatment are controlled by an internal computer according to user-defined stored recipes. Data analysis is preformed in a comprehensive C-V analysis package.  All are controlled by a simple-to-use graphical user interface complying with the SEMI E95 standard. The basic system includes the Front End Module (including wafer stage, robot, and pre-aligner), System Controller, Electronic Cabinet, Pneumatics Control Unit, EM-probe system and optional one- or two- pin hard probe with online backup, Capacitance-Voltage Meter, and a comprehensive software suite, including system control software, recipe and measurements databases, and a library of C-V measurement types.