Glove Box Compatible Spin Coating Unit

Model: HO-TH-05G

Easy to install inside Glove box
Chuck diameters – 10mm, 22mm, 35mm


Holmarc’s Spin Coater with glove box compatible, Model no: HO-TH-05G is a dedicated system suitable for use inside glove box to spin coat small substrates in research laboratories with well controlled spin process parameters. This model offers separate controller which has user friendly front panel having keyboard and LCD for programming the spin process. The user can, hence operate the spin coater in the remote location. A two way Start and Stop switches enables spin coater to be turned on or off within glove box or using controller. Spin duration, spin speed, acceleration, etc. are all programmable parameters through the front panel of the controller. The spin head actuator is a precision DC servo motor with accurate speed and acceleration control. A vacuum chuck powered by oil-less vacuum pump holds the substrate at the spinning head. Three sets of nylon anti-corrosive vacuum chucks are provided along with the equipment for holding substrate from 15 x 15 mm square to 100 x 100 mm square.

The nylon made spin chamber is compact within a footprint of 296 x 266 mm and easy to install into the glove box. A transparent cover on top of the chamber protects the surroundings by keeping the spin off solution inside. All components in the device are corrosion protected to make it clean glove box compatible.



    Chuck diameters : 10mm, 22 mm, 35 mm

    Transparent Safety Lid over the Working Chamber

    Non-volatile Program Memory

    User friendly design

 Actuator     :     Brushless DC motor
    Spinning speed     :     60 – 9999 rpm
    Power input     :     230V, 50Hz
    Read out     :     20 x 4 line LCD
    Spin chamber     :     Nylon
    Acceleration     :     5 – 2000 rpm / sec
    Spinning Speed Accuracy     :     < 5%
    Programmable parameters     :     Speed , Acceleration, Dwell time and No. of steps
    Maximum no of steps     :     9
    Program memory     :     9 programs (non – volatile)
    Dimension     :     400mm Depth x 275mm W x 500mm H
    Weight (appx.)     :     34 Kg


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Optional Accessories

    Mechanical clips or locks to hold samples without vacuum

    Digital Pipette for dispensing of liquid into the substrate

    Stand used for holding manual pipette