HandSPEC Hand Held HPGe Spectrometer


Radionuclides Identifier for Gamma Analysis HandSPEC is a complete spectrometer based on high-purity germanium detector. Cooling system of HandSPEC consists of special cryostat which incorporates Stirling-cycle cryocooler with Pulse tube. HandSPEC is intended for gamma-radiation registration, spectra processing, radionuclides identification and their activities determination by various methods.

HandSPEC has internal processor and spectrometric device to control all spectrometer parameters, perform measurements and store spectra and analysis results in internal memory. Visualization of the results and control of spectrometer parameters is made via built-in touch screen having resolution 800×400 pixels and diagonal 10.8 cm. Battery status indicator in the right upper corner of the screen shows time to recharging of the instrument. Internal processing digital electronics on the basis of 16k channels MCA and is controlled from touch screen. High voltage supply for detector and preamplifier power supply are integrated as well as  an internal coarse amplifier and digital filtering and analysis..



  • Customs and homeland security
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Waste management
  • Nuclear industry
  • Nuclear medicine
  • First response


  • Integrated solution with HPGe detector, MCA, power supply, etc.
  • No liquid nitrogen needed
  • Long autonomous operating time — up to 6 hours
  • Highly portable device
  • Good energy resolution provided by pulse tube application
  • Rugged and designed for outdoor use in wide range of temperature and humidity


  • HPGe coaxial or planar Detector
  • Preamplifier with cooled input stage
  • Miniature Stirling-cycle cryocooler with Pulse tube
  • Cryocooler controller
  • Digital Multichannel Analyzer
  • Internal processor with LCD and touch screen
  • Analytical software (onboard and for PC)
  • Inbuilt GPS module
  • Dose rate meter
  • Rechargeable li-Ion batteries
  • Cable set
  • Documentation
  • Available accessories: car adaptor, transport case, charger, spare battery, Hand-cart, tripod, etc.


  • Lead Shielding with collimators
  • Hand-cart
  • Hard-sided transport case
  • Funnel for LN2 filling
  • Car charger
  • Spare Battery


Parameter Value
Energy range, keV
40 – 10000
10 – 10000
HPGe detector efficiency, % 10*
Energy resolution for 10% efficiency detector, keV at energy
122 keV
1.33 MeV
Peak to Compton ration 41 : 1
Time of cooling, h 24
Time of continuous operation, h 6
Size of the Spectrometer, mm 426x172x346
Weight of of the Spectrometer, kg 15
Multichannel Analyzer
Channel splitting 128, 256, 512, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k and 16k
Input count rate, cps 0 – 150000
Shaping time (adjustable) in the range 0.1 – 25 μs
Integral non-linearity <0.025%
Differential non-linearity <1%
High Voltage supply +/- 3.6 kV (up to 5 kV)