HLS 190IR Digital Cameras Series


Cameras with linear InGaAs image sensors are aimed for operation as a registration system in near-infrared region of a spectrum in the wavelengths range from 0,9 up to 2,55 µm (depending on model) as a part of optical spectral instruments controlled by a personal computer of IBM PC class. In the cameras various InGaAs linear image sensors can be applied (see the table with technical characteristics).


Distinctive features

  • Embedded Personal Computer Pentium MMX.
  • Wide dynamic range.
  • Low dark signal.
  • Low readout noise.
  • Thermoelectric cooling of a sensor.
  • Advanced opportunities for programming of operating modes of the cameras.
  • Various input/output synchronization modes.
  • Direct shutter control.
  • High-speed interface – 10/100 Ethernet connection.
  • On-board random access memory (RAM) up to 128 MB.
  • Opportunity of the exposure time setting, pre-exposure and post-exposure delay time setting in wide limits.



Application area

As a registration system in spectrometers of a near-infrared region during the scientific and laboratory investigations, radiation thermometry, non-destructive testing, and also in other scientific and technical areas using spectrometric methods.


SOL instruments: спектрометр, рамановский микроскоп, эмиссионный спектрометр. HLS 190IR



HLS 190IR graph



Characteristic Value
Readout speed: 50 kHz, 125 kHz, 250 kHz, 416 kHz
Sensor: linear InGaAs image sensor, types and models of the sensors are given in the table
Nominal value of the distance from a forward plane of the camera up to photosensitive field of the sensor: 10 mm
Sensor cooling: built-in thermoelectric Peltier element with compulsory air forced and/or water cooling
Stability of keeping of the set temperature: not worse than ± 1,0 °C
Analog-digital converter (ADC) of the cameras: 16 bit
External PC connection interface: «Ethernet 100 Base-T» under the protocol TCP/IP
Power supply of cameras is realized from the external power adapter being a part of the delivery set: voltage direct current (VDC) 24 ± 5 V
Power consumption: 24 V A for one-step one;
40 V A for two-step element of thermoelectric cooling (Peltier)
Overall sizes of the cameras (L x D x H): not more than 100 x 164 x 105 mm
Weight: not more than 2.0 kg

 Technical characteristics

Model: G9202-512S G9208-256W G9201-256S G9203-256S G9204-512S
Manufacturer: HAMAMATSU, Japan
Type:  InGaAs
Number of pixels: 512 256 256 256 512
Pixel size (H) x (V): 25 x 250 μm 50 x 250 μm 50 x 250 μm 50 x 500 μm 25 x 500 μm
Active area size (H) x (V): 12.80 x 0.25 mm 12.80 x 0.25 mm 12.80 x 0.25 mm 12.80 x 0.50 mm 12.80 x 0.50 mm
Number of defect pixels: 0 % not more than 5 % not more than 5 % 0 % 0 %
Spectral sensitivity range: from 0.90 up to 1.67 μm from 0.90 up to 2.55 μm from 0.90 up to 1.67 μm from 0.90 up to 1.67 μm from 0.90 up to 1.67 μm
Peak sensitivity wavelength: 1.55 μm 2.3 μm 1.55 μm 1.55 μm 1.55 μm
Readout noise RSM: 180 mkV 300 mkV 180 mkV 180 mkV 180 mkV
Dark current: 1
(at Т = +25°С) pА
(at Т = -20°С) pА
(at Т = +25°С) pА
(at Т = +25°С) pА
(at Т = +25°С) pА
Max. readout speed: 416 kHz 416 kHz 416 kHz 416 kHz 416 kHz
Min. temperature of sensor:          
water cooling: -20 °С -35 °С -20 °С -20 °С -20 °С
air cooling: -10 °С -20 °С -10 °С -10 °С -10 °С
Limiting time of accumulation of dark signal of the cameras before saturation of the sensor at the minimal temperature: not less than
12 min
not less than
0.5 s
not less than
6 min
not less than
3 min
not less than
35 s
Power consumption: not more than
24 В•А
not more than
40 В•А
not more than
24 В•А
not more than
24 В•А
not more than
24 В•А


Please, visit the official site hamamatsu.com for more detailed information on sensors’ types.
Production of cameras with various types of sensors is possible upon request.


Dimensional drawing

Dimensional drawing HLS 190IR