HPGe Mobile Spectrometer WAM Mobile


Registration of Gamma and X-Ray spectra for the radiological control of environmental objects, industrial and agricultural products, objects and plants of nuclear energetics and enterprises dealing with the storage and processing of radioactive wastes.



Registration of gamma and X-Ray spectra for applications including: radiological monitoring of the environment; industrial and agricultural products; nuclear power facilities and equipment; and with the storage and processing of radioactive waste.


  • Optimal sizes and weight for mobile application
  • Placed in a manually operated trolley equipped with a lead shield
  • Rapid response after LN2 filling to reach proper operating temperature of the  detector
  • Simplicity of operation and servicing


  • HPGe semiconductor detector for gamma spectroscopy representing a planar or coaxial detector with preamplifier in portable Dewar
  • Spectrometric device capable of operating with a laptop PC or tablet PC
  • Software
  • Lead Shielding with collimators
  • Manual trolley and transport case
  • Laser range indicator
  • Accessories: Funnel for LN2 filling, recharger etc.
  • Cable pack and documentation


Parameter Value
Energy range, keV 40 – 3000
HPGe detector efficiency, % 30 *
Energy resolution for 30% efficiency detector, keV at energy
122 keV
1.33 MeV
< 0.8
< 1.8
Time of cooling after refilling, h 4
Time of continuous operation (depending on Dewar vessel volume), h 24, 48, 96
Weight of detector with filled Dewar vessel, kg 1,5 l 3,0 l 5,0 l 7 11 15
* 10% – 50% efficient Coaxial or Planar HPGe detectors are available by separate order.