Jandel Multiheight/Microposition Probe Stand

Jandel Engineering Limited offers the Multiheight Probe stand with micrometer controlled X-Y stage as a solution for measurements on sample sizes from several mm square up to 300mm. The X-Y microposition table can be easily added when measurement of small samples is desired. With only four screws to undo it is easily removed, so that large samples up to 300mm diameter or ingots up to 250mm high can be accommodated (thicker samples can be accommodated on request).


Max. sample size Samples up to 250mm diameter (300mm option at no extra cost)
Max. sample thickness Samples up to 250mm high can be measured (higher on request)
Microswitch Prevents current flow when probe is not in contact with the sample
Manual Control Simple lever operation for probe contact and removal
Simple set up Single wire connects the probe stand and electronics
X-Y Stage Offers micrometer controlled manipulation of small samples
Automation Optional automated z-motion is available


System Configuration
Component parts:
A. Measurement Base – 1pc
B. Multiheight assembly – 1pc
C. Multiheight Column – 1pc
D. Four point probe head – 1pc
E. Connecting cable – 1pc
F. Micrometer table – 1pc
System Footprint
A. Multiheight Base: 250mm W x 290mm L x 8mm H (320mm x 370mm x 8mm option)
B. Multiheight Probe assembly: 60mm W x 280mm L x 80mm H (60mm x 330mm x 80mm option)
C. Multiheight Column: 19mm diameter, 200mm L (up to 1m on request)

Type Tip R Force Spacing
A 40u 100g 1mm
B 100u 100g 1mm
C 200u 100g 1mm
D 500u 70g 1mm
E 40u 200g 1.591mm
F 40u 100g 0.635mm
G 100u 100g 0.635mm
H 200u 100g 0.635mm
Type A-D and F-H are user adjustable in the range 60g-150g and supplied at value shown