Lens Tube Assembly System

Directly Accepts Ø1″ Optics
Used to create lens systems


Spacer Rings

Spacer rings are used to maintain gap between two optics. These spacers can be stacked for maintaining gap between optics from 1 mm.

Model No: Item Minimum Order Qty
SR-1-25 Spacer Ring for
25mm / 1″ Optics
50 Nos.
SR-2-25 25 Nos.
SR-3-25 15 Nos.
SR-5-25 10 Nos.
SR-10-25 5 Nos.
SR-20-25 5 Nos.


Threaded Rings

Threaded rings of thickness ranging from 2 mm to 20mm can be selected for convenient applications. Spanner slots are provided for easy fastening of optics.

Model No: Item Minimum Order Qty
TR-2-25 Spacer Ring for
25 mm / 1″ Optics
25 Nos.
TR-3-25 25 Nos.
TR-5-25 10 Nos.
TR-10-25 5 Nos.
TR-20-25 1 No.
Lens Cells

Thin Lens Cell

Model No:
Focusing Lens Cell – Short

Model No: Length L1, L2, L3
FLCS-25-12 12, 25, 39
FLCS-25-15 15, 25, 42
Short Lens Cell

Model No: Length L1, L2
SLC-25-12 12, 17
SLC-25-15 15, 20
Focusing Lens Cell – Thread

Model No: Length L1, L2, L3
FLCS-25-12-TL 12, 40, 54
FLCS-25-15-TL 15, 40, 57
Long Lens Cell

Model No: Length L1, L2
LLC-25-20 20, 25
LLC-25-25 25, 30
LLC-25-35 35, 40
Focusing Lens Cell – Medium

Model No: Length L1, L2, L3
FLCL-25-20 12, 20, 34
FLCL-25-25 25, 20, 47
FLCL-25-35 35, 20, 57
RMS – Objective Adapter

Model No:
RMS – OAD – 25
Focusing Lens Cell – Long

Model No: Length L1, L2, L3
FLCL-25-20-TL 12, 40, 54
FLCL-25-25-TL 25, 40, 67
FLCL-25-35-TL 35, 40, 77
C Mount Objective Adapter

Model No:
C – OAD – 25
External Locking Ring

Model No:
ELR – 25
Lens Tubes

Model No: Length L1, L2
LCT-25-25 25-30
LCT-25-30 30-35
LCT-25-35 35-40
LCT-25-50 50-55
LCT-25-75 75-80
LCT-25-100 100-105
LCT-25-125 125-130
Fiber Adapter

Model No: Type
FAD-25 FC FC Fiber Adapter
FAD-25-MA SMA Fiber Adapter
Internal Coupler

Model No:
INC – 25
External Coupler

Model No:
EXC – 25
Extension Tube

Model No Length L1, L2
ELCT-25-5 5, 10
ELCT-25-10 10, 15
ELCT-25-15 15, 20
ELCT-25-25 25, 30
ELCT-25-50 50, 55
ELCT-25-100 100, 105
ELCT-25-150 150, 155
ELCT-25-175 175, 180
ELCT-25-200 200, 205
ELCT-25-250 250, 255
Full Thread Lens Tube

Model No: Length L1
FLCT-25-10 10
FLCT-25-15 15
FLCT-25-25 25
FLCT-25-35 35
FLCT-25-50 50
Small Optic Cell End Type

Model No: Optics size
SOC-25-6 6 mm
SOC-25-9 9 mm
SOC-25-12.7 12.7 mm
SOC-25-18 18 mm
Small Optic Adapter Internal

Model No: Optics size
SOA-25-6 6 mm
SOA-25-9 9 mm
SOA-25-12.7 12.7 mm
SOA-25-18 18 mm
Variable Aperture

Model No:
SSID – 25 – 22
Laser Adapter

Model No:
TO – 56
Filter Cell Adapter

Model No

One side of the cube is over sized for inserting plate beam splitter mount or cube beam splitter. Other sides are threaded type suitable for lens tubes

    Aluminium alloy anodized finish

    Can be used in rod assembly system

Fig. Cube with rod and lens tube assembly

6 mm rods can be accommodated. It is used in rod assembly system for building optical setup. All other features provided are for launching this cube in to rod assembly unit.

Model No: Type
CUB-25-30 Cube with 30 mm bore
CUB-25-HM1 Cube with HM1 thread

Filter Wheel

25 mm or 1″ diameter filters can be fixed on this filter wheel .This filter wheel is suitable for rod assembly system with internal threading for lens tubes. It can also be used in an optical system by using a post/post holder and M6 or M4 tapped holes provided for fixing to post. Filters are fixed in the wheel through threaded ring by removing the side cover.

    Post mountable design

    Suitable for lens tube assembly system

    Suitable for Rod assembly system

    6 No.s of 1” diameter filters can be used for LM-FW1

    12 No.s of 1” diameter filters can be used for LM-FW2

    Numbers indicating densities of the filters are imprinted on the wheel

Model No Optic Size No. of Filters Thickness (T)
LM-FW1 25 mm/ 1″ Upto 6 17
LM-FW2 25 mm/ 1″ Upto 12 28
Beam Blocker

Two types of beam blockers are available, one with external thread and the other with internal thread. They are suitable for blocking beams from cube assembly or lens in tube.

Model No Type
BB-25-INT With internal threading
BB-25-EXT With external threading

Lens Tube Holder

Model No Holding Method
LTH-25 30 mm dia bore
LTH-25T HM1 thread

Note : Post, post holder and bases are sold separately