Low-impedance Transmission Lines

In many high current laser diode testing applications, it is not possible to use a 50 Ohm termination Typically the load is closer to 1 to 10 Ohms. For these applications, Avtech offers the unique AV-CLZ and AV-HLZ1 series of transmission lines that have characteristic impedances (Z0) in this range.



When a transmission line with a characteristic impedance of Z0 is used to drive a load impedance of RL, and Z0 = RL, ideal matching will occur. Under these conditions, longer-than-normal cable lengths can be used without introducing significant ringing, speed degradation, or other distortions.

AV-CLZ lines are terminated with DB37 connectors. AV-HLZ models are terminated with heavier-duty Positronic connectors. Contact Global Analitik if you are unsure which is appropriate for your application.

Basic Model Characteristic Impedance (Z0) Maximum Pulse Current
AV-CLZ1 1.0 Ohms 100 A
AV-CLZ2 1.8 Ohms 50 A
AV-CLZ3 2.7 Ohms 30 A
AV-CLZ5 5.4 Ohms 20 A
AV-CLZ11 10.8 Ohms 10 A

The AV-CLZ cabling solution is recommended over the older AV-LZ series of flat-ribbon cable transmission lines. Contact Global Analitik for cabling suggestions for your application!