Rugged and versatile thoroughbred

The Metavision NN+ spectrometer is designed to deliver industry-leading performance across the widest range of industries, applications and environments. The CCD based NN+ spectrometer is compact and consumes less energy and argon, making it extremely economical to procure, operate and maintain. The truly innovative design delivers rapid, precise, accurate and certifiable elemental analysis in weight percentages and stands the test of time. Many of our customers use the NN+ round-the-clock with a few of them doing more than 1,000 burns in a shift. In fact, the more you run this machine, the better it functions! Routine maintenance requirements are minimal and the instrument is designed to be operable by laymen after basic training delivered at the time of installation. Factory calibrations are provided for 31+ elements (including Nitrogen in steels) across multiple bases including Fe, Cu, Al, Zn, Ni, Pb, Sn, Mg, Co, Ti etc. More bases can be added at any point in time, at factory or on-site, to meet specific application needs.


In line with our philosophy of always prioritizing performance over all else, the Metavision NN+ spectrometer is the only one in its class to feature fully digital current-controlled sources. Its innovative digital plasma generator has ratings that ensure an exceptionally wide range of outputs for each parameter of the current discharge and also offers granular, computer-based control over each parameter, thereby delivering exceptionally high plasma stability and the ability to generate the ideal spectra for different applications. The NN+ provides accuracy, precision and stability that is truly unmatched in its class. Furthermore, the ability to tailor each individual parameter of the discharge enables the spectrometer to optimise the analysis of each individual element.

The Metavision NN+ spectrometer has been built to be very easy to service and maintain. Fully modular in its build, the instrument has optimized isolation of sub-systems to deliver twin benefits – no interference / noise and easy access for maintenance and servicing. Each system is easily and independently accessible to engineers for servicing and to operators for routine maintenance tasks. The design also ensures that no sub-system is at risk during any activity including cleaning and changing any of the consumables.

In any spectrometer, far beyond design specifications and feature-sets, it is the nature, quality and usability of analytical outputs that drive value. The Metavision NN+ spectrometer has been designed to balance analytical horsepower with economy. As such, the instruments cover 31+ elements across bases to ensure that they meet the elemental coverage needs of the vast majority of users. Lower detection limits are in the 30-50 ppm range for most elements, while on the upper side, there is immense flexibility – ensuring that even high alloys are easily analysed with high precision and accuracy.
This apart, the analytical suite has also been crafted to deliver value through both standard and optional features. Equipped with a powerful and customizable report writing engine, the Analyst suite also offers a host of other features. Ranging from gas quality checks and proactive alert systems to Grades and CRM Libraries – both pre-loaded and user-configurable – as well as the ability to add customized Melt Addition Programs, the suite leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the instrument enables Laboratories to maximize the value a spectrometer delivers.

Rolling mills, foundries and workshops need spectrometers to meet multiple needs. An OES is used to analyse a wide variety of incoming raw material, including scrap, as well as for testing finished goods to obtain valid test certificates. With its unmatched flexibility, industry-leading cost-per-analysis and ease-of-use, the Metavision NN+ spectrometer offers the ideal solution to such users, providing them with accurate analyses and significant cost savings.
Alloy manufacturers can save substantial amounts in cost by getting the mix just right. Even small savings in percentage terms could mean millions over the year. For such users, the Metavision NN+ spectrometer offers the ability to optimize their manufacturing and achieve these benefits with ease. Given their flexibility and performance levels coupled with the ability to economically and easily take well over 1,000 burns a day, it’s no surprise that the Metavision NN+ has rapidly emerged a favourite in this segment.

Medium-sized industries typically face a dilemma when evaluating OES procurement. the prospect of high capital costs can be daunting and there is always the temptation to utilize external labs. This however compromises time as
well as confidentiality leading to an attempt to rationalize testing – which then has an adverse impact on the customer base that can be targeted. With their wide elemental range, (including N in steels), the Metavision NN+ spectrometer is ideal for such users, offering a class-leading price-performance ratio and meeting just about every possible testing need.

Large plants typically have multiple spectrometers of varying capabilities – each meeting specific testing needs. Any
downtime however is extremely damaging, resulting in inventory pile-ups and time delays. Having backup or standby units of similar calibre to the main units is however a very expensive proposition. The Metavision NN+ offers the ideal solution for such users – offering a robust backup to those that use higher-end OESes like the Metavision i-Series or Metavision X-Series as their main production units.

Metavision 108NN+ OES | Compact and economical with factory-calibration for N


  • 31+ elements in standard calibrations; Includes N, C, S, P, B etc.
  • Extreme flexibility – any number of bases and matrices, including on-site additions
  • Fully digital pulsed current-controlled power source
  • Thermally stabilized optics to ensure high accuracy and precision
  • Grade Identification library for quick identification and confirmation of grades
  • Advanced features including auto-identification of grade and matrix, ARQC etc.
  • Vacuum-free optics enabling lower capital and maintenance costs and very rapid stabilization
  • Special applications for master alloy calibrations, melt addition programs and more
  • Latest-generation processing software for noise-free clear spectra for low detection limits with high precision and accuracy