Model 190

The ramé-hart Model 190 CA Goniometer is an entry-level tool optimized for contact angle measurement. Model 190 includes DROPimage CA as well as our fiber optic illuminator with halogen light source and our SuperSpeed U1 Series 100 FPS digital camera. Each system ships as a complete turn-key tool with PC and LCD, DROPimage CA software, and microsyringe fixture for manual dispensing.


An affordable solution built on the time-proven ramé-hart design makes the CA Goniometer popular with research departments, universities, and in QC environments where budget restraints dictate a simple but upgradeable solution.

Top Options for Model 190
100-25-M Manual Tilting Base
100-14 Environmental Fixture
100-15 Film Clamps
100-30 Peltier Environmental Chamber
100-22 Automated Dispensing System
100-33 Heated Environmental Cell
100-33-HP Hot Plate
100-15 Film Clamps

The Manual Tilting Base option can be added without any software upgrades and is useful for measuring advancing and receding angles, determining roll-off angle, and calculating contact angle hysteresis.

What’s in the box: Goniometer Bench with U1 Series Digital Camera, Fiber Optic Illuminator, 3-axis stage, leveling specimen stage, PC, LCD, Camera Cable, (1) Microsyringe Assembly, (1) 22g Straight Needle, DROPimage CA Software Single User License, Software User Manual, Setup Guide, Calibration Tool, and Storage Cover – everything you need to get up and running taking contact angle measurements out of the box.

More details on DROPimage CA including videos can be found here.