NitroSPEC-X Hand-Held XRF Spectrometer


NitroSPEC-X is used for in-situ and laboratory measurement of characteristic X- and γ – radiation and is applicable for X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and gamma spectrometry.

Characteristics of built-in X-ray tube

  • Tube Voltage: 10 to 50 kV
  • Tube Current: 5 µA min. / 200 µA max
  • Focal Spot Size: Approximately 2 mm
  • Window: Beryllium, 127 µm
  • Anode material: Ag

Built-in digital spectrometric device technical characteristics


  • Coarse amplifier pre-filter with amplification in steps of 2-5-10-20-50, corresponding to a full scale;
  • Input DC coupled, offset adjustable and depending on polarity of input signal;
  • Linearity is better than 0.1 %.


  • 14bit, 10 MSps;
  • ADC input range from 12V to 500mV;
  • Integral linearity is better than 0.05 %;
  • Temperature stability TK 50.

Digital signal processing

  • Double differential trigger filter, or single differential low energy low count rate trigger fil-ter;
  • Pile-up-suppression, pulse pair resolution ~ 400 ns, depending on trigger filter;
  • Automatic and manual adjustment of trigger threshold;
  • Shaping time (Integration time / rise time of filter divided by 2) adjustable in the range 0.1 – 25 µs;
  • Flat top adjustable 0 – 5 µs;
  • Fine adjustment of amplification in steps of < 0.05 %;
  • Channel splitting 128, 256, 512, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k and16k;
  • Differential non-linearity <1% for 4k channels and 1 µs shaping time;
  • Base Line restorer with adjustable averaging;
  • Optimum spectroscopic performance for 50 µs preamp decay time constant;
  • PZC adjustment, detector decay time constants from 40µs to 1 ms can be compensated.

Spectrometry software

Basic spectrometry software allows to:

  • Execute spectra acquisition for the set period of time, select regions of interest and examine them on a separate plane, increasing or reducing scale on horizontal and vertical axis;
  • Execute power calibration of spectra on two known energies;
  • Determine centroids and area of peaks with background deduction and without background deduction;
  • Carry out an automatic serial spectra acquisition with automatic record on a disk;
  • Mark and select with color peaks or regions of interest;
  • Move a marker on a spectrum or regions of interests;
  • Make an estimation of energy resolution at one second and one tenth height of full absorption peak;
  • Print out spectrum window;
  • Transfer spectra to a software for spectral lines identification and elements concentrations determination.

Data analysis software (operation from Notebook) allows to:

  • Identify elements according to position of spectral lines using library of X-ray K, L and M series, automatic identification of elements;
  • Concentration calibration using standard samples;
  • Use spectra of pure elements for precise description of spectral lines during approximation;
  • Precise calculate background and net peak areas.



NitroSPEC-X is used for in-situ and laboratory measurement of characteristic X- and γ – radiation and is applicable for X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and gamma spectrometry.


  • Minimal sizes and weight
  • Liquid nitrogen filling time is less than 10 minutes
  • Minimal time for reaching of the proper temperature mode for the detector after liquid nitro-gen filling < 1hour
  • Minimal time for emptying remaining liquid nitrogen in the Dewar vessel < 3 minutes
  • Convenience and simplicity of operation and service
  • Built in spectrometric device


  • HPGe detector in portable cryostat with preamplifier and Dewar vessel
  • Built-in digital spectrometric device and internal processor with a touch screen
  • Built-in miniature X-ray tube with Ag target
  • Analytical software package
  • Accessories:
    • Spare battery
    • Adaptor for charging
    • Funnel for liquid nitrogen filling
    • Hand-cart
    • Hard-sided transport case
  • Notebook
  • Documentation set


Parameter Value
Detector active area, mm2
Detector thickness, mm
Registration energy range, keV 3 – 1500
Energy resolution
for energy 5.9 keV, eV:
for energy 122 keV, eV:
– shaping time constant τ= 6 s, measurements with MCA 527 at input count rate 1000 cps
< 195
< 495
Thickness of Be endcap window, mm 0,1
Detector operating voltage, V < 2000
HV inhibit capability +
The cooling system contains Dewar vessel with volume, l 0.8
Period between liquid nitrogen refilling, h > 20
Detector cool-down time, h < 1
Touch screen
Resolution, pixels
Diagonal, cm
Maximum power of X-ray tube, W 4
Autonomous operation time from the internal batteries, h 9
Weight with liquid nitrogen, kg ~ 6.1
Overall dimensions (with built-in X-ray tube), mm 330 x 140 x 240
The range of the operating temperatures ,° С from 0 to +40