Overhead Optical Imaging Kit

The ramé-hart Overhead Optical Imaging Kit is designed to be added to any instrument that currently is running DROPimage Advanced v2.x. The kit permits an existing goniometer to measure contact angle using a novel and powerful overhead method. The advantage to this method over the traditional profile view method is that hydrophilic surfaces can be more easily characterized. Low contact angles (under 10°) are traditionally difficult using traditional methods. The overhead method involves capturing an image of the three-phase line from above and then calculating the contact angle based on its diameter and the drop volume. The Automated Dispensing System 100-22 is recommended. Another advantage to the overhead method is that it works well even where surrounding topology prevents a direct line of sight required for the conventional profile view method. The Measure distance command can also be used to precisely measure linear distances. An alternate Illuminator Fixture as well as an Optical Reflector Fixture and all parts (software and hardware) necessary to measure contact angle and distances from overhead on an existing goniometer are included in the kit. The Overhead Optical Imaging Kit works only on the standard ramé-hart specimen leveling stage. For use inside a chamber or for another applications, please contact us for customization.



The Advanced Chamber is supported on the following underlined models: