PH Series Post Holders

A variety of post heights Available
Suitable for 12mm diameter post



PH series post holders have a square relief cut for stable three point line contact with post and post holder. Spring loaded plunger knob is provided with every post holder for smooth up and down movement and stable tightening at desired position.

We can fix post holder to an optical table , base plate or a pedestal adapter by using M6 mounting hole provided at the bottom of the post holder.


       Aluminium alloy construction
        Black anodized finish
        M6 mounting hole
        Suitable for 12mm diameter post


Documents / Drawings

Model No Length ( mm )
PH – 30 30
PH – 40 40
PH – 50 50
PH – 75 75
PH – 100 100
PH – 125 125
PH – 150 150


Plunger knobe

Model    :    PGK-20

Plunger knobeis a brass plunger, loaded with a suitable spring, inside M6 stud. This plunger knob prevents posts from sudden falling while loosening the knob for removing the post or adjusting height in an optical set up. Only one hand is required for any operation using post and post holder.