Precision Polarizer Rotator

PMP Series

Micrometer Driven controller
Precision rotary & fine adjustments



Precision rotary adjustments are possible in this mount. Plate/sheet polarizes are held between two threaded rings inside a threaded bore. For other shapes, adapters have to be used.



        0.1 resolution
        Manual 360° rotation
        +/- 3° Precision Movement
        Drive by Micrometerm
        Readout from vernier
        Optics held by Threaded Ring
        Threaded Bore Depth    :    12 mm
        M6 mounting holes
        Post mountable
        Aluminium alloy
        Black anodized finish


Documents / Drawings


Model No Optic Diameter
PMP – 25 25 mm / 1″
PMP- 50 50 mm / 2″