Semilab Porosimeter Series (PS) metrology systems use Ellipsometry Porosimetry (EP) technique to provide reliable and precise measurements of thickness, refractive index, porosity, pore size distribution and Young modulus of porous thin films such as ultra-low K, porous Silicon, nanoparticle layers, metal oxides or barrier layers integrity… Combining solvent adsorption experiments in a high vacuum chamber to Semilab Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE) technology, the PS systems form a comprehensive metrology solution, helping our customers to develop, qualify and monitor current and future processes and especially solve the integration challenges of porous low K materials.


The PS Product Family presents various degrees of automation and wafer size capabilities from coupons to 450mm wafers. Its unique technology enables the structural characterization of CVD and spin coated porous thin film without sample scratching or preparation.

An optional heated chamber, available on 300mm selected models, provides advanced measurement capability such as film annealing or Uniaxial Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), helping chipmakers identify process issues that can lead to film collapse or cracks.

In our fully automated PS-2500 model, a preheating / cooling station allows desorption of residues or organic materials and moisture from the pore before / after measurement, making sure the total accessible porosity is measured and that no solvent remains in the pores if further processing is needed.


Sample size Name Mapping Features
Up to 300 mm PS-2000 Yes Manual loading automated transfer
Optional Heated chamber for CTE measurements
300mm PS-2500 Yes Fully automated, 1 load port (300 mm)
External pre-heating station
Solvent automated refill

Dual load port with OHT available with PS-3000.
Please contact us for 450 mm wafer capable platforms.

PS instruments can also be used to qualify the sealing layer of both patterned and blanket wafers: the instrument detects the diffusion of solvent through the sealing layer, which leads to a change in refractive index measured by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry. Finally, any PS product is also a traditional spectroscopic ellipsometer, which can address characterization needs of non-porous thin films.

Ellipsometry porosimetry (EP) technology was patented by IMEC and licenced exclusively to Semilab.