PVS-5000 is a high throughput, field proven PV Wafer Inspection and Sorting System.


It combines high reliability wafer handling with Semilab’s industry leading PV metrology, to provide a turnkey solution for sorting of incoming wafers. This is backed by direct expert support from the OEM metrology manufacturer, through our worldwide network of branch offices.


  • PVLS-5400          Automated stack loader with 3 position pick-and-place system. Up to 2400 pcs buffered wafer in 12 pcs carrier.
  • PVLC-3600*       Automated cassette loaders for 25/50/100 slot cassettes
  • PVLC-3600-AL   Fully automated production line loader for 100 slot cassettes


  • PLI-101/3            Photoluminescence imaging
  • WML-1               Minority carrier lifetime measurement
  • SHP-200            2D measurement
  • MCI-150             Micro crack inspection
  • WSI-120            Surface chipping and contamination inspection
  • TTR-300             Thickness, resistivity measurement
  • TTR-300             Saw mark Inspection


  • PVULS-5406T     High speed stack unloader with 6 bin
  • PVULS-5407T     High speed multilevel stack unloader with 7 bin