Semilab’s QC platforms (Near Surface Doping Mappers) for epitaxial monitoring are the only non-contact, non-destructive, high throughput systems that can reliably map near surface doping on process wafers.



  • Integrated universal (for both p- and n-type) UV/Corona pre-treatment with improved and optimized UV oxidation for up-to 300 mm wafers and accurate feedback loop controlled corona charging technique with new mechanical and electronics design and new corona system.
  • New sensor design insensitive to wafer/chuck flatness.
  • Rapidity of even full wafer mapping measurements ensures an impressive throughput and the ability to monitor and control the epitaxial process
  • Improved new software has multiple benefits, such as: highly configurable, multitasking, real-time data monitoring, simplified recipe generation, job queuing and fully 300mm SECS/GEM complaint.
  • Wafer motion stage with precise positioning
  • Detects problems that may escape other metrology techniques, because of the strong surface sensitivity
  • Qualifies Epi layer within the critical device region of IC
  • Provides near-surface carrier lifetime as an indicator of wafer contamination
  • Fast full wafer mapping capability > 2000 pts per wafer (~600pts/min)
  • Measures all doping combinations: n/p, n/n, p/n, p/p
  • Normally used resistivity range:
    • n type: 0.03 – 50 Ωcm
    • p type: 0.03 – 100 Ωcm
QC-2200e QC-2500e QC-3000e
Wafer size up to 200 mm up to 300 mm up to 300 mm
Platform Full hand-off automated Full hand-off automated Full hand-off automated
Load port 1 loadport / FOUP 1 loadport / FOUP 2 loadports / FOUP
Primary applications:

  • Conventional Epi, thin Epi, Epi over buried layers
  • In-line reactor or recipe qualification
  • In-line Epi reactor monitoring
  • Pre-shipment testing for wafer suppliers
  • Incoming inspection for IC manufacturers
  • Process development
  • Across wafer uniformity
  • Wafer to wafer uniformity
  • Over or under doping effects
  • Epireactor variations:
    • Temperature variation
    • Gas flow dynamics
    • Pressure variation


Equipments: Measurement parameters: Measurable wafer types:
  • Blue light head
  • UV pre-treatment chamber
  • Corona charge
  • Single or double load port, SECS/GEM
  • Can be configured FOUP, OC
  • Depletion layer width – Wd
  • Resistivity – ρ
  • Doping concentration – NSC
  • Surface recombination lifetime – τs
  • Conductivity type – p/n
  • Conventional CMOS epi
  • Thin epi
  • Epi over buried layers