Immediate determination of film uniformity and homogeneity are important factors for in situ coating quality process control. Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE), as a measurement method ensures fast and reliable measurement required by characterization of thin film coatings on thin foil substrates. Semilab’s novel R2R SE metrology platform offers multilayer thickness and refractive index determination directly after the coating process on a moving roll-to-roll foil on-the-fly with acquisition time less than 100 ms per point.


Features and system specifications:

  • Fast and accurate analysis of multilayer coatings – feed forward functionality in the evaluation
  • Sequential (step-by-step) evaluation of only one layer at a time, without the need of performing the full stack analysis.
  • Elimination of the stray light reflected from the backside of the transparent substrate
  • Spot size: 500 μm at 633nm
  • Spectral range: VIS/NIR


In-line control:

  • Reflectance
  • Layer thickness
  • Ga-content (CIGS)
  • Conductivity (TCO)
  • Roughness