SGL-1700-III – 1700°C Three Heating Zone Vacuum Tube Furnace

Used in metallurgy, machinery, light industry, commodity inspection, institutions of higher learning and scientific research departments, industrial and mining enterprises in electronic ceramic products pre- roasting, sintering, coating , high temperature pyrolysis of low-temperature deposition (CVD) process
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The SGL – 1700 – III three zone high-temperature tube furnace, it adopts intelligent automatic temperature control system, SCR control ,phase-shift trigger.High precision temperature control, The furnace chamber adopts high quality polycrystalline alumina fiber with Japanese vacuum adsorption mold technology. it is equipped with cooling system between the dual shell to ensure surface temperature. Using vacuum flange seal, vacuum device for optional purchase, the furnace can work under the vacuum or atmosphere; it can be built different temperature gradient by the three temperature zones, it is the idealist furnace for preparating functional materials under thermal gradient or in CVD or PVD outer thin film growth with high vacuum system.