Sine Drive Rotation Stage

Sin216R Series


The Sin216R series are ultra-precision computer-controlled rotation stages developed for fast and accurate positioning applications. Sine-bar mechanism is employed in this device for higher resolution angular positioning. A precision linear translation stage with a high resolution optical encoder is used in the mechanism for achieving angular tilt of the sine bar. The absolute encoder allows instant initialization at the time of power up and eliminates the need for a home cycle. The stepper motor turns the drive lead screw which moves the drive block which in turn pushes the sine bar to rotate the platform, providing stable and excellent performances in angular positioning.

The principle of sine drive mechanism is shown schematically in Fig. When a lever of length L is rotated through an angle θ about one end, the other end moves through a distance X = L Sin θ perpendicular to the initial position of the lever.

Standard metric M4 mounting holes patterns are provided on the top plate of these stages. Top plate can be used to rotate manually large optical and other components through continuous 360° with accuracy of 1°. Custom mounting patterns can be provided for easy integration with other systems / components.

Talk to our engineers, we will help you select appropriate technology, for your application or precision rotary motion,from the drive and bearing system to the encoder and motion controller. Sine drive rotation stages are also offered in high vacuum and ultra-highvacuum configurations.

Rotation Stages for Industry and Research
High Precision Mechanical Arc Sec Positioning System
 Angle Calibration
 Laser Nano Scanning
 X-Ray Mirror Deflection
 Nano Probe Positioning
The Sin216R series stages are perfect for rotary positioner testing, laser pointing, optical calibration systems and metrology systems. Other specific applications include optical encoder accuracy testing, missile seeker testing, photonic component alignment and precision wafer inspection.
Model HO-Sin216R HO-Sin216R8 HO-Sin216R4
Angular Measurement System Sin bar Sin bar Sin bar
Travel Range 16° (±8°) 8° (±4°) 4° (±2°)
Platform Size 150 mm Dia 150 mm Dia 150 mm Dia
Rotation Axis Height 80 mm 80 mm 80 mm
Speed max.
(Degree / sec.)
2 2 2
Stepper Resolution 0.125 Arc Sec
(0.00003477 Degree)
0.0625 Arc Sec
(0.0000174 Degree)
0.0625 Arc Sec
(0.0000087 Degree)
Accuracy Arc Sec
(0.0002778 Degree)
0.5 Arc Sec
(0.000138 Degree)
0.25 Arc Sec
(0.000069 Degree)
Repeatability 1 Arc Sec
(0.0002778 Degree)
0.5 Arc Sec
(0.000138 Degree)
0.25 Arc Sec
(0.000069 Degree)
Tapped Holes
on Carriage M6
M4 M4 M4
Interface USB 2.0 & RS 232 USB 2.0 & RS 232 USB 2.0 & RS 232
Size (L x W x H) 310 x 250 x 80mm 520 x 250 x 85mm 750 x 250 x 90mm