SKGL-1200-V – 1200°C Five Heating Zone Open Type Vacuum Tube Furnace

Built-in five heating zone, can create a different temperature gradient within 300 ℃;For the colleges and universities, research institutes and mining enterprises to do power baking, ceramic sintering, high temperature experiments, material processing, quality testing.
Delivery period:1-5 working days
Accept Customization:Customizable


1200 ℃ Five heating zones open-type tube furnace with intelligent program temperature control system, SCR control, high precision temperature control; double layer furnace shell with air-cooled system, effectively reduce the shell surface temperature; open-type furnace cover design can be observed in high temperature conditions of material reaction and achieve rapid cooling; vacuum grade flange seal, combined with our standard vacuum, gas mixing system, can be vacuumized and input atmosphere; built-in five heating zone, you can create a different temperature gradients.