The WT-2000 is a tabletop tool, suggested for mid-range fabs and laboratories.


Features and System Specifications:

  • Wafer size: up to 300 mm with bare or dielectric coated surface
  • Wafer handling: manual or Semilab-made indexer
  • Loading options:
    • 100-200 mm cassette indexer
    • 300 mm 13 slot cassette indexer, including open cassettes for 100-300 mm wafers
    • 300 mm 25 slot cassette indexer, including FOUP, FOSB, and open cassettes for 100-300 mm wafers
  • Objectives of detection:
    • Impurities due to heavy metal and transition metal contamination
    • Crystal defects
    • Optional iron concentration determination both in CZ and FZ wafers
  • No wafer thickness limitation
  • Fast measurement speed
  • High lateral resolution
  • Required surface passivation: thermal oxide, chemical passivation or corona charging

Each system can be configured based on the user’s requirements by adding measurement capabilities and automation capabilities described below.

Measurement capabilities:

  • µ-PCD for measuring carrier lifetime
  • SPV for measuring diffusion length
  • VQ for oxide monitoring
  • JPV for measuring ion implants
  • Eddy current measurement of sheet resistance