The WT series are powerful stand-alone measurement platforms for performing many different semiconductor material characterization measurements. The base system includes all the overhead functions necessary to perform characterization measurements, including power supplies, computer and operating software, X-Y measurement stage and so on. Each system is then configured to the user’s requirements by adding treatment and measurement capabilities.


Features and System specifications:

  • Wafer handling: Robot up to 300 mm
  • Implant dose range: 1012 to 5×1015 1/cm2
  • Cleanroom class: class 1 minienvironment
  • Treatments:
    • Hot chuck / desorber
    • Linear corona charger and pin charger
    • Optical flash
    • PTC – Low Temperature RTP
Specification WT-2200 WT-2500 WT-3000
Wafer Size up to 200 mm 150/200 mm or 200/300 mm 200/300 mm
Loading options up to 4 pieces of 200 mm open cassette
  • FOUP for 300 mm wafers
  • FOSB for 300 mm wafers
  • Open cassette for 200 mm wafers (with adapter)
Double FOUP platform
Automation software Wintau32 with SECS/GEM communication option Wintau32 with SECS/GEM communication option Fully automated software
Factory automation Not available Not available, designed for mid-range fabs Yes, specifically designed for high volume facilities with full factory automation, OHT option

It is possible to integrate all of the following measurement techniques into one mapping instrument:

  • Microwave induced photoconductive decay
  • (µ-PCD) and Charge-PCD / minority carrier lifetime mapping
  • Surface Photovoltage (SPV) / diffusion length mapping
  • Iron (Fe) concentration mapping
  • Copper (Cu) concentration measurement
  • High intensity laser source for µ-PCD or SPV
  • Voltage – Charge (V-Q) / oxide and interface characterization technique
  • Mobile ion measurement
  • Junction Photovoltage measurement for sheet resistance mapping
  • Ion Implant Monitoring

WT product line is designed to meet SEMI standards.