WT series are powerful stand-alone tools specifically designed for high volume 300 mm facilities with full factory automation and OHT included.


Features and System Specifications:

  • Wafer handling: Robot up to 300 mm
  • Cleanroom class: class 1 minienvironment
  • Treatments:
    • Hot chuck / desorber
    • Linear corona charger and pin charger
    • Optical flash
    • PTC – Low Temperature RTP
Specification WT-2200 WT-2500 WT-3000
Wafer Size up to 200 mm 150/200 mm or 200/300 mm 200/300 mm
Loading options up to 4 pieces of 200 mm open cassette
  • FOUP for 300 mm wafers
  • FOSB for 300 mm wafers
  • Open cassette for 200 mm wafers (with adapter)
Double FOUP platform
Automation software Wintau32 with SECS/GEM communication option Wintau32 with SECS/GEM communication option Fully automated software
Factory automation Not available, designed for mid-range fabs Not available, designed for mid-range fabs Yes, specifically designed for high volume facilities with full factory automation, OHT option

It is possible to integrate all of the following measurement techniques into one mapping instrument:

  • Microwave induced photoconductive decay
  • (µ-PCD) and Charge-PCD / minority carrier lifetime mapping
  • Surface Photovoltage (SPV) / diffusion length mapping
  • Iron (Fe) concentration mapping
  • Copper (Cu) concentration measurement
  • High intensity laser source for µ-PCD or SPV
  • Voltage – Charge (V-Q) / oxide and interface characterization technique
  • Mobile ion measurement
  • Junction Photo-Voltage measurement for sheet resistance mapping
  • Ion Implant Monitoring