Diğer Jandel Ürünleri

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Jandel Işık Kalkanları

(EN) Jandel Engineering Limited supplies an optional press-fit light shield for times when it is necessary to shield samples from light, perhaps because they are photo-sensitive. It is offered as shown in the picture above. It is a two piece design, allowing the shield to be used on samples between 0.0 and 4.0mm thick and 50mm diameter.

Jandel PN Tipleme Ünitesi

(EN) Jandel Engineering Limited offers the PN Typing unit to determine the conductivity type of higher resistivity samples. The PN Unit is an optional extra for the various Jandel four point probe measurement systems. The same plug which is used for the Jandel Test Unit can be plugged into the PN unit. The sample is tested using the rectification method.

Jandel Referans Örnek

(EN) Jandel Engineering Limited supplies an indium tin oxide (ITO) coated glass sample that can be used as a reference sample to assess whether a four point probing system is correctly set up and offering reasonable readings.

Jandel Sabitlik Kalkanı

(EN) Jandel Engineering Limited supplies a small stability shroud which is supplied separately, and attached to the probe as a push fit so that it is in place as shown in the picture above.