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Aydınlatma Kaynakları ve Shutter Sistemleri

(EN) MicroXact’s shutter system is designed for the fiber optic ring light and halogen light source. The shutter system is integrated with the software for fully automated use.

This software makes automated testing of photon sensitive devices easy while protecting halogen sources from the wear & tear of constant on/off switching.

MicroXact is more than willing to work with any customer to design shutter systems or other probe station accessories tailored to your needs.

DC Prob Kolları & Uçları

(EN) MicroXact offers a wide variety of DC probe arms and tips designed to handle most DC probing applications. For applications requiring sub-nA leakage currents, we offer coaxial probe arms, for applications requiring sub-10pA leakage currents, we are offering triaxial probe arms. More exotic probe arms, capable of accommodating Kelvin probes, DC probe wedges, high power probes, as well as probe arms made of nonmagnetic materials are available upon request. Please consult MicroXact factory on a proper probe arm selection.


Tips are packaged in boxes of 5, 10, or 100. 

Gold-Plated Tungsten or Beryllium Copper
Diameter: 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, and 100 µm


(EN) All microscopes include a viewport for cameras. We offer compatible scope-mount digital cameras ranging from 1 megapixel to 10 megapixels. Included with the camera is software for image and video capture as well as dimension measurement capability.

Koruyucu Kalkan

(EN) We offer shielding systems compatible with all MicroXact standard probe stations (SPS models). The shielding systems are designed to protect the sample or wafer from EMI and RFI during testing.

Mikro Konumlandırıcılar

(EN) Probe station accessories are available with any of MicroXact’s probe stations, including a wide range of micropositioners designed to make precision positioning and alignment of probe tips easy and reliable.

For features 5 microns or larger, we offer very affordable 3-axis micropositioners with 0.025” resolution per turn. These positioners have 0.300” of available travel in X, Y, & Z. Our probe manipulators can be configured with magnetic or vacuum-lock bases.

For features smaller than 5 microns we offer a premium micropositioner with 0.500” of available travel in X, Y, & Z. These micropositioners are available in three resolutions ranging from 0.025” per turn to 0.010” per turn. They also have the option of being configured with either vacuum or magnetic-lock bases.


(EN) MicroXact offers a range of microscopes ranging from inexpensive trinocular microscopes to high magnification compound microscopes.

For customers that need to probe relatively large size pads (60 μm x 60 μm or larger) MicroXact offers a choice of trinocular microscope with typically 3.5X to 180X optical zoom capabilities or digital microscope with 11X to 80X magnification. Customers targeting testing devices and circuits with significantly smaller contact pads are offered a choice of compound microscopes of different brands and high resolution digital microscopes.

For specialized applications MicroXact offers laser-compatible microscopes, polarization microscopes and many more. Please contact MicroXact to help you select proper microscope for your system.

RF Problar

(EN) MicroXact is pleased to be able to provide the industry’s finest in RF probes.

We are offering a wide rage of RF Probes:

Termal Test

(EN) MicroXact offers a wide range of thermal solutions for wafer probing over a wide temperature range. Liquid nitrogen-cooled, closed-cycle solutions or convention-cooled wafer chucks are available with different sizes and various coatings and structures (isolated, grounded, coaxial, triaxial). Variable temperature probe stations in various configurations (with environmental enclosures for below 0°C testing, cooled platens for above 200°C testing)”

MicroXact’s Environmental Enclosure, compatible with our standard probe stations (SPS models), are designed to provide light shielding and protection against moisture.

For customers requiring testing in vacuum or controlled gas environment MicroXact offers ergonomic and highly customizable vacuum chambers.

Ultrasonik Kesici

(EN) Our Ultrasonic Cutter, though not as capable as our Laser Cutter, provides a cost-effective solution for contact trimming. The Ultrasonic Cutter is very well suited for the following applications:

  • Removal of passivation layers to facilitate micro-probing
  • LCD repair
  • Trimming of film resistors, MEMS parts, and gold capacitors.
  • Removal of materials from flex circuits and semiconductors

Wafer Chuck’ları

(EN) MicroXact can supply industry standard or custom wafer chucks to serve any application. Contact us with your probe station accessory requirements and we’ll provide you with a quality, affordable wafer chuck solution.

Seen on this page are just a few of the various chucks we can provide.

Vacuum chuck systems ranging from 25mm to 300mm in diameter are available with a variety of conductive or insulating coatings. Adjustable vacuum ports allow each chuck to handle samples of various sizes, including parts as small as 3mm. For RF and very sensitive measurements, these vacuum chuck systems are also offered in floating ground with coaxial connection or electrically guarded triaxial configurations