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(EN) The Rotary Chuck Lite assembly is a micro-stepper driver indexing device for radial marking applications such as rings, bearings or valve fittings. The tiltable chuck allows for marking on the inside or outside diameters of working pieces. The three-jaw chuck design allows the work piece to be manually fixed from the inside or the outside diameter.

The RC Lite is the perfect accessory for users who require the ability to complete circumferential marking. Simply connect the chuck to the power supply box, and you will be ready in minutes. The unit is controlled by the Symbol Writer Pro software package. No additional software is required.

F-Teta Odaklama Objektifi

(EN) Every Laser Marking System comes with an F-Theta lens. Different lenses allow you to adjust the size of the marking area, as many of our customers require more than one. The best lens for your project depends on the marking application and the workstation configuration. Please note that 532 nm have fewer options than the 1064 nm lasers and larger lenses (254 mm, 330 mm, & 420 mm) require higher wattage lasers.

Lazer Güvenlik Gözlükleri

(EN) Certified goggles ensure operator safety. Two Pair are included with every system.