Alfa Spektrometresi α12



SpectraLineADA analysis software  software package enables:

  • Execution of spectra acquisition for a set time
  • Marking and selection of regions of interest and their examination on a separate plane
  • Increasing or reducing scale on horizontal and vertical axis
  • Energy calibration of spectra on two known energies
  • Determination of centroids and area of peaks with background deduction and without background deduction
  • Estimation of energy resolution at one second and one tenth height of full absorption peak
  • Automatic serial spectra acquisition with automatic record on a disk
  • Print out of the spectrum window
  • Comparison of different spectra in one window simultaneously reducing or decreasing scale
  • Calculation of activities of alpha emitting radionuclides
The activity calculation module uses the parametric model line of the alpha-spectrum. Spectrum of every alpha-emitted isotope line is represented by the combination of asymmetric Gauss distribution, exponent and hyperbola. These functions are combined using the conditions of the function and its first derivative continuity. This model represents alpha-spectra of both thin and thick sources, and gives good results with alpha-spectra measured by spectrometers with HPGe detectors and ionization chambers. The model parameters and activity values are specified using the minimum condition of the modified χ2- functional. The parameters of the spectrum deformation are varied. The deformation is caused by summing of alpha particles and conversion electrons impulses. The processing results are displayed and represented in a report view. The report pattern is specified by user. The fitting results are displayed on the spectrum graphics as nuclides independent spectra for visual control of the fitting results. The peak pattern after the minimization procedure can be saved and used for the spectrum analyses by the SpectraLine methods.
The detection efficiency calculation and label operations are realized.
The measured spectra and processing results can be saved to database.
This functionality enables to analyze the specified criterions convergence of the repeated measurements.


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